Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Good Day and A Give-Away

I had to take a day off work on Friday
to have the furnace at the farm worked on.
That meant a lot of waiting
and that turned out to be 
just the kind of day I needed.

Tess and I went out early to clean 
the spider webs and dead mice out of the basement
before the repairman came.

We waited.

We went out and opened the door of the coop
to free the guineas,
only they didn't want to be free.
They didn't want to step in the 
little patch of snow outside the gate.

We observed why there is always poop in the
goats water bucket.
It is because it doubles as a goat butt-scratcher.
I wouldn't have known that
had the repairman been on time.

When he finally arrived
Tess felt he needed a good barking.

Then he needed to be carefully watched 
from the top of the staircase.

He told us we needed the fan motor replaced
and he would be back in a few hours.

So, we waited some more
and then we decided we needed a project to work on.
We drove to Yankton SD,
ate a fish taco (not Tess's first choice)
and went to Walmart for paint.

When we got back
we changed the poopy goat water
and painted the trim in the bathroom
and then the cabinet 
since we still had paint in our pan.

The repairman came and went.
The furnace is working again.
I spent the day with my dog at the farm.
And I am renewed.
It was just that easy.

Oh ya, 
the guineas decided they wanted to be free after all.

Now for the highlight of this post
Garden of Daisies  blog has a great give-away going on.
She even has some of our Sisters Five Soap and Lotions
listed in the give away.  
I'd love it if you stopped  her blog where she always
has something fun going on, and she is a great blogger.



Lori Skoog said...

Will you be able to move to the farm full time? It sounds like you are getting ready.

Jill said...

I am thrilled to hear of your good day and that you have been renewed. Just what the doctor ordered!

Sheeps and Peeps Farm said...

So glad you had a good day. Tess looks like the perfect companion. We miss our guineas. They were so entertaining. Hope your weekend is wonderful.

Ashling said...

Awesome that you got the needed renewal. Sometimes we just need to stop, breathe, and linger with what we love.

Nancy Claeys said...

Silly guineas! They can be so scatter-brained. :)

Def. heading over to the giveaway. If your products are involved, I'm in! :)

Clint Baker said...

Thant was funny!
I will post that give away with my seed give away!

TexWisGirl said...

you had a restful and productive day all in one! neat!

Sharon said...

It sounds (and looks) like a good day! I imagine you are feeling refreshed and anxious to get back to the farm!

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

While I'm not a fan of waiting (maybe it's that Philly thing???) I'm glad you had a relaxing day! Lovin' the roof shot:@)

Angela said...

That's funny but not funny about the goat water! Sounds like a nice slow productive day to me.

Alla said...

Sounds like a really wonderful day and of course spending it with your best friend! Dogs are the best.

Madge @ The View From Right Here said...

Love that shot of the guinea on the barn roof... cracked me up!

Jocelyn said...

SOunds like a great day to me. The waiting sounds like a good way to slow you down, no? Sometimes waiting is annoying, but sometimes it forces us to pause.

I'm glad you had a renewing day.

Annette said...

So that's why there is always poop in the goat's water bucket! And I thought they just had poor aim or something.

Ronda said...

Your blog will be fun to follow, I can tell! Good luck! IFF you get the time, see me at The Pauley Principle.

Chatty Crone said...

Sometimes we all need a day off to learn. sandie

GardenofDaisies said...

I"m glad that Tess is watching out for you! :-) Thanks for putting this link up!

rkbsnana said...

Ahhh. A day off from work. Glad it was good.

Randy said...

Sounds like it was a busy but very good day.

Rain said...

We call these days "snow days" an extra treat to spend time at home-that you weren't expecting-so nothing was pre-planned for you! And you just enjoy and appreciate it!! Looks like you did just that-very important days!! We all need them!

Jennifer said...

A day on the farm is so nice... soothes the soul. Glad the furnace got fix & you figured out why the goats bucket always had poo in it, lol

Gail said...

I must get some of that soap!

Glad you had a relaxing day, just sprinkled with a little frustration.