Thursday, March 31, 2011

Seed to Seed

Every year I start tomato plants from seeds indoors.
And every year, it seems, they are weak and slow growing.
Despite hardening them off outdoors, they just can't compete
with what I can pick up at a greenhouse.
I end up buying tomato plants and letting my seedings
fall by the wayside and if they make it they do,
if not - I am covered.

This year, I am trying to avoid that.
I have started four varieties of heirloom tomatoes.
The kind I can't get a green house
(or maybe I can?)
Anyway, I am determined to work with these babies
from seed to seed.  And do it all over again next year.
That's the whole point.

They started nicely in their little pods.
But when the roots start coming out the bottom,
I think it is time to give them more room.

               The baby goats drink a gallon of whole milk every day.
So guess what I have a lot of,
besides bottlewashing and bedding clean up?
Milk jugs.

I thought I would try this,
but my gut feeling is that it might not be a good idea.
Has anyone tried this?  I am thinking the roots may become
tangled, and when planting time comes,
pulling them apart may damage
the plant.

Nonetheless, I am giving it a go.
But I also have some of the same plants
replanted singly, just in case.

and Big Month.

The Big Month are supposed to all ripen at the same time.
So I will have a big month of canning : )



texwisgirl said...

4 Bs of tomatoes. Good luck!

farmer said...

I start my seeds in trays all together then transplant into bread trays,side by side just like your milk jugs,they will be happy to have the extra room to grow.
Mine all do well,the roots will tangle but it wont hurt them, just pull them apart gently.
I'm going to do a post on my seeds to,just got the greenhouse plastic on yesterday..transplanting is needed badly..
Bison is a great tomato.

Sarah said...

Oh how I wish I could plant tomatoes...and a few other things! I look forward to following the progress of your plants and those of other bloggers. I'm gardening vicariously through my bloggy friends.