Sunday, November 7, 2010

Needle Felted Sheep

I have decided to delve back into needle felting.
I have a lot of wool batting lying around
and lately I have been just dying to 
create something with it.

I have so many ideas, but thought I would start
with a sheep again to get my grove back.
This time I wanted to try making a framework
and see how I liked it. The idea being that
the project is more sturdy, 
while at the same time bendable.

Since this would not be a miniature,
I could start with bigger wire.
I chose this florist wire.
It worked perfectly for gripping the fiber.

I made the framework for the body and legs.
I didn't include the head, but could have.
I made the legs long, as they can always be shortened.

On larger projects, I use quilt batting for the inner layers.
This saves on wool and gives the same results.

Once the inner layer was wrapped and felted,
I began felting on the wool batting.

Then on to the head, which was challenging.

This is the part where I just keep repeating to myself,
it can be fixed, no matter what, it can be fixed.
That is the beauty of needle felting.

It starts to take on personality with the ears.

This was the first time I tried making the nose and mouth with wool.
I am wondering if embroidery thread might have worked better.

But she's a cutie isn't she?

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Amy said...

That is too adorable for words! I LOVE sheep! and goats. and bunnies. I need a farm. :-P