Saturday, July 17, 2010

Trip to Omaha for the Farmers Market

Each year we look forward to making the early trip to Omaha for the Farmers Market

This year was no different, except that I thought I had figured out a different route that would take me into the back side of Omaha, from Iowa, and I would be able to find my way there with ease.

Not the case.

We ended up calling Sasha and putting her on speaker phone.  She was my tomtom as she got on her computer and offered up directions.  Thank you Sasha!!

The trip there was interesting.  Hot and humid even by the time we left at 7:15 a.m.
There was fog most of the way.
We crossed what I think is the only toll bridge in Nebraska, just out of Decatur, crossing the Missouri River.

Rikki took this photo from the passengers seat and yes that is a crack in the windshield.

Next we saw this amazing lily pad place or something like it.  These aren't like the lily pads I have seen in Wyoming, so maybe they are another type of plant.
Nonetheless, they were beautiful in the morning fog

By the time we got the the market it was extremely hot and there was quite a crowd.
We made our way around and picked up a few things while trying to stay in the shade.
It was still fun and still beautiful.

There is always lots of interesting entertainment at the market.

We needed something cold to drink.
Rylee had a little problem with the ice tea dispenser.
Rikki and I didn't even tell her we saw that, until later that day.
She, of course, never mentioned it.


We also shopped at a few stores in the old town area - mainly to get out of the heat and the crowds.
I love old town.

After that, we ate at a pizzeria.
Then we walked back to this parking lot where our car was,
and headed home.


Sasha said...

I miss Old Market and the farmers market--the flowers are so beautiful. Did you get some of that bread from the bakery in Lincoln? Have you ever been to the Lincoln farmers market? Little different than Omaha but still cool.

Michaele Oleson said...

I am hoping to go to Lincoln also. A guy I work with that lives in Lincoln sells there. He goes to Omaha too but not until Aug.